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      Grassroots California is progressive clothing company.  Started in Venice Beach, California, Grassroots quickly became a staple in the music and counterculture world.  Grassroots specializes in custom Hats but has grown into a full streetwear clothing company for both men and women.  Grassroots has two store locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado.  Grassroots collaborates with hundreds of artists around the globe every year and donates 1% of sales back to charity.

      Grassroots started vending Shambhala in 2011 and making collaboration hats for them in 2013.  Since then Grassroots has made the official hats for Shambhala every year and has also been a vendor at the festival.  Over the years the team has made lots of connections and friendships at Shambhala and it is always regarded by Grassroots as the best music festival.  


      STRATA MFG was created in 2010 by the Rodriguez brothers. Growing up, the brothers visited their grandparents’ stores & factories in Peru where they learned about the apparel business. They decided to carry on the family tradition by creating a cool and innovative company offering easy manufacturing for clients & began a screen printing, cut & sew & embroidery business in a garage. Now a full service clothing manufacturer, STRATA MFG provides fill service to emerging clothing brands, music festivals, and other businesses while making STRATA clothing their flagship brand.


      UNI chillwear Sometimes you just need to wear comfy clothes! UNI was founded in 2014 because comfort is a necessity of life, whether you're working, camping, lounging, or travelling. We believe your most comfortable clothes should look good, feel good, and be fun to play in. UNI chillwear is our creative outlet that captures this essence. When it’s time to chill, we make sure we enhance that experience through our products. I would say our creative style is simple, but with personality.  Working with Shambhala Music Festival over the last three years has given us the opportunity to exploit our own creativity and use our products as a canvas. Every year, new product sketches come out of our Shambhala experiences - the people we meet, the stories we share and the sites we see. Putting those experiences into each garment carries our story around the world, one that is shared in comfort and rocky mountain style. We hope you enjoy our creations.


      Inkspoon is the creative brainchild of husband and wife team Lauren and Blake Wylder. The project was founded in 2006 while Blake and Lauren were completing studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Most of the styles and art-work are designed in-house, but we also have a small but growing network of amazing artists we call upon to contribute their creativity. The garments are sewn up in small batches by two teams of seamsters in Vancouver and Nelson, BC, Canada. Each garment is then hand printed in a limited edition series’ in our home/studio on Salt Spring Island, BC. Our printing process involves each piece being silkscreened up to a dozen times in order to achieve the desired effect. The arrangement and hue of each print layer are chosen on the fly, in a freestyle process, resulting in garments that each have a unique composition and flare. No two pieces are exactly the same.
      Since 2012 we have enjoyed working with Shambhala on creating a new and unique merchandise line each year of the festival. As Shambhallers ourselves since 2003 and earlier we have had fun coming up with designs we feel express the evolving but essential vibes of the festival. We appreciate the trust we are given in expressing our creative freedom on this project. We put a lot of time thought and love into the creation of the Inkspoon Shambhala merch line and look forward to working on it each year. 

      For more about information about Inkspoon be sure to check out our blog: 3 Reasons Why We Love the SMF Inkspoon Collection


      Sea of Wolves is the creative project of husband and wife team Catherine Gaudreault and Nathan Stewart. With their combined talents and entrepreneurial spirit, they created Sea of Wolves Design an ethically produced, Canadian made, artistic and wearable market ready line of garments produced in the beautiful, mountainous town of Nelson, British Columbia. Sea of wolves is committed to using ethical business practices and producing clothing locally, providing job opportunities, keeping their price point affordable and avoiding unnecessary global shipping. It is with a passionate spirit that they stay true to their vision of producing garments that are made from start to finish in their own studio where they design, pattern, cut, sew and print everything. With an amazing staff, they have been able to realize their vision and grow a successful line of high quality and stylish clothing. 
      Sea of Wolves has been producing exciting, artful and comfortable bamboo clothing for Shambhala's merch store for 4 years. Working with ideas from the merch team and using Nathan and Catherine's art and design skills, our team produces colorful and interesting designs locally and ethically in our Nelson, BC studio only 30 min away from the ranch.



      At Jaunt (dictionary definition: a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure), for the last 5 years, we've specialized in making the sleekest and functional fanny packs for keeping the essentials secure and out of mind on your journeys. The Jaunt pack features original artwork, our innovative Flex-Band strap, and interior pockets for keeping your stuff organized and accessible. Our generation is so connected online that we're at risk of becoming disconnected offline. Realizing the value of stepping away, making time for moments free of burden, and enjoying one-of-a-kind experiences like Shamb, we strive to play our small part with Jaunt in helping to maximize those types of moments.
      We've been fortunate to have the opportunity to vend at Shambhala and know it to be one of the most special places on earth. The producers care about every detail and it shows by the collection of warm, kind, and loving people that grace the ranch. We're beyond excited and thankful to be a part of the ShambhaShop this year, making the official 2018 Shambhala x Jaunt pack


      Clay Ober is a visual artist from Southern Alberta, Canada. With a love for nature and a passion for adventure, Clay’s art is a visual representation of his experience. At a young age, Clay’s artistic grandparents encouraged him to “create what you feel”. This resonated with Clay and comes to fruition through his art. Internalizing moments, experiences, and the emotions that follow, create space for his ideas to flow. His illustrations represent the value he places on memories - always wanting the viewers to connect, understand, and feel the vibe of the image is the primary goal. He achieves this by altering the scale and grounding his experience onto something tangible. His works are meant to be an eclectic adventure - for him, they are an escape and a way to relive and revive the moments that matter.