2019 Shambhahands The Experience T Shirt

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Limited edition graphic T-shirt by fellow Shambhala Music Festival party-goer Clay Ober.

We are really proud to support Clay on his artistic journey and felt he really captured the festival through his art. This is 1 of 2 of his designs that are available for order. Check out the left-hand design here (available in white). 

Here's a description of his inspiration for the right hand:

"I really wanted to capture the vibes that make this festival so beautiful. The immediate feeling of the festival was so overwhelming but in the best way. This is my way of showing how the intensity of the music, the visuals, and the people interact with the serene beauty of the river, valley, mountains and the farm to produce this magical feeling."


Product Details: 100% Cotton, sizes are unisex
All sizing is unisex *Model is wearing a size L

Be sure to check out Clay's bio